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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  March 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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swcho tt.swcho os live from the cbs broadcast center in new york city, this is cbs2 news at 11:00. >> you are going to die! and most painful! -- a most painful death! >> a killer's words sent his the courtroom. >> will we see more snow this weekend? you'll have to listen to lonnie quinn for that. and a change in the forecast? >> could it really be the missing murder weapon in the o.j. simpson case? good evening. i'm kristine johnson. >> and i'm maurice dubois. it's the murder mystery that seems just never to end. but is the timing convenient? >> reporter: the discovery of a knife is intriguing.
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would be, in their words, bogus. the problem is it was discovered almost two decades ago but not turned over to police until just recently. >> we, the jury, in the above entitled action find the defendant not guilty -- >> reporter: it was the acquittal of the double murder of nicole simpson and ron goldman unsolved. >> the weapon was described as a knife. >> reporter: a knife has been handed over to them. it was allegedly found during the demolition of o.j. simpson's estate in 1998. they say a construction worker found the knife and gave it to a policeman nearby. >> the knife we received it from was a retired lapd officer that retired back in the late '90s. >> reporter: the retired cop reportedly kept the knife and didn't tell authorities until a month ago. that lengthy time lapse is
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whether the finding is legit and it has anything to do with o.j. simpson. >> it may be a hoax. it may be somebody who planted it and just pretended to find it. >> reporter: simpson was acquitted of the murders in 1995. he's now serving 30 years behind bars for a burglary, though. it's gained new attention with the release of a mini series about the trial. no murder weapon was ever found. but this newly discovered knife will be tested for dna. no matter the outcome, though, simpson can't be tried again. >> we could not charge mr. simpson with the homicide he's already been charged with because he's been acquitted. >> reporter: sources now telling cbs news that the knife is a small utility buck knife. the medical examiner said a larger knife was actually used to kill nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. but the investigation into this newly discovered knife continues.
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anything official just yet. maurice and kristiine. may this animal rot and suffer in jail for the rest of your life. and you will pay for this car behind bars alone. >> reporter: a judge sentenced 67-year-old salvatore perrone for 75 years to life in the 2012 shooting death offense three shopkeepers. -- deaths of three shopkeepers. he went on a rant, denying killing the three men but complained of his trial. >> no one aer pooed for my defense at the trial. >> reporter: the -- nobody appeared for my defense at the trial. >> reporter: the judge said that he should feel lucky new york doesn't have a death penalty because he would be a prime candidate tonight.
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testing out the sports' plan for airborne bio hazards. grand central will be closed completely to the public from 2:00 to 5:00. the nypd is deploying more officers to subway stations in the wake of a 20% increase in slashings and stabbings across the sports this year. our cameras got up with nypd transit and community affairs officers making their rounds around harlem today. they're going to stations in each borough, handing out station information to passengers, patrolling trains to reassure riders. a liberty cab driver fighting for his life tonight, shot in the head while working in queens. tonight the shooter is still on the run. cbs2's brian conybeare working this right now. brian? >> reporter: they're here at elmhurst hospital in queens at his bedside hoping and praying for the best while police
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fired the stray bullet. 37-year-old roberto castillo is struggling to survive after emergency surgery to remove a bullet from his brain at elmhurst hospital in queens. the cab driver was picking up four men from a strip club in aer toya about 4:30 a.m. friday -- astoria about 4:30 a.m. friday when she was shot. she was not the intended target. this video was shot from across the street. the fire department was trying to clear the club out with a fight inside, apparently involving the four passengers. >> i think that's when the shooting happened. they were going around the corner over here to people leaving. that's kind of when it really got serious. >> reporter: critically injured and bleeding from the head, castillo tried to drive away, but slammed into into a utility pole three blocks away. >> they have removed the bullet from his skull. we're hoping he'll pull through. but we don't know at this
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>> reporter: fernando mateo represents liberty cab drivers across the sports. he was not licensed and his suv was not registered with the taxi and limb seen commission. -- limosine commission. they say the club is a magnet for late night violence. >> i know three shootings that happened here and at least two stabbings inside. and there were always fights. on this place, horns blowing, families trying to sleep. >> reporter: i did speak to a spokesman for the club tonight. he said the shooting happened two blocks away, not right outside that night club. meanwhile, police are looking at surveillance video and interviewing witnesses but still no sign of the gunman tonight. reporting live from elmhurst hospital in queens, brian conybeare, cbs2 news. a woman arrested for stealing $24,000 worth of
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victoria secret's store. they say she hit the store at the garden state plaza nine different times. detectives caught up with her by working leads and giving store employees her description. they called police when she showed up again at the store. the cruise ship that had two trips cut short due to storms is, again, trying to avoid bad weather. royal caribbean's anthem of the sea left new jersey this afternoon on a three-day trip to nova scotia. but tonight, a spokesperson for the company tells us the company is sailing south to avoid a storm in the atlantic. the ship was tossed around in a bad storm last month and had to come home early again last week because of another storm. [ political music ] >> can you imagine those in the middle east that chop off heads seeing we have a problem with waterboarding?
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donald trump said he'd have troops break the law when interrogating terrorists. now he's reversed course saying he'd follow international guidelines. also today, trump decided to skip the cpac convention where others were vying for votes. ben carson bowed out of the race. he did not endorse any of the four remaining candidates but says if trump wins the nomination, the party must rally around him. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders were on the stomp today in the midwest. tomorrow democrats head to the nebraska. new trend in dining out and normally hurried new yorkers don't like it. >> restaurant workers are trying new ways to keep things moving. but diners are finding it
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>> reporter: we live in a place full of foodies, notoriousously picky. we asked what irks them when dines out. they say it's this question from servers, are you done with that? >> i don't like it when they rush us. >> reporter: and many don't like it when people's plate plates are removed when people are still eating. >> i still had my fork in my hand! >> reporter: higher rent and other challenges make turnover before. competition is fierce. and many rents are sky high, at least for a place on 8th avenue for restaurant row. it can be $70,000 a month or more for rent. and payroll costs are up, too. >> they're trying to cut back on their expenses. >> reporter: andrew reije says some restaurants are cutting desserts which tend to keep diners in their seats longer. >> i don't get a dessert menu anymore.
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keep things movie, technology takes over, ordering from kiosks instead of wait staff. >> they see ipads being used to take orders. >> i don't like them. it takes away from the one on one personalities you get. >> reporter: know it cannot come at the expense of good service which keeps customers coming back. in hell's kitchen, dave carlu, cbs2. >> so tough out there! >> really is! they have been haunted for decades. >> i just felt something in the pit of my stomach that there was something seriously wrong. >> 20 years after the murder of a popular deli owner, his family has a new plan to find whomever killed him. >> part offense me said, you shouldn't go in there. >> but she ignored the instinct as fire trapped animals in cages. the heroic rescue to show you. >> plus, if you'd like to keep your mind sharp, there's
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we have that next. a look inside the old nypd headquarters. >> and the elephants prepare to retire. >> plus, another wintry mix on the way. the cbs2 weather team on what to expect this weekend saturday
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animal that is died -- saving animals that were trapped in cages. but despite the thick, black smoke, workers managed to get in and get out all the animals safely. >> i was hit in the face with this thick cloud of black smoke. it almost looked like it was snowing. but the snow was black. there was soot everywhere, covering everything. >> you have the urgency to get those lives out. there were animals in there that needed to be saved. >> reporter: the fire department said a faulty boiler is to blame. a new reward in a murder from the '90s. the crime shocked the sports 20 years ago today. and it haunts the detectives still working this 2nd avenue deli cold case. >> it was a cold monday in new york city on the lower side. i received a call that the owner of a 2nd avenue deli will be shot. >> that was in 1996.
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pachoni and jeff salter are still working the case. >> he opened the side door. he fell in the street. >> reporter: it was a killing that stunned new york. abe was loved by all. he helped high society and the homeless at his deli. >> seems like yesterday. i just felt something in the pit of my stomach that there was something seriously wrong. something serious had happened. >> reporter: he was making his daily run to the bank in the store's van when he was robbed of more than $10,000 and brutally gunned down. >> i called the deli. and the woman who answered the door was crying. >> reporter: his daughter. >> seeing people around there crying. it hit me that something terrible happened. >> reporter: the gun that killed him was uncovered three weeks later in central park. it was linked to a double homicide in elmsford several months later. the nypd also released a sketch
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beyond that, there are few new clues. there is, however, a major incentive for anyone with information. >> the family is offering an extremely generous award of $150,000. >> we wanted to make a statement to tell people there's a lot of money here for you. >> just call it in. and we will follow up with it. >> reporter: detective genevieve says no detail will be overlooked. >> the smallest thing whether people out there think it's relevant on or not may lead to the $150,000 reward. >> reporter: the family and the detectives say they will never give up looking for his killer. they're asking anyone with information to call crimestoppers. residents at a chelsea apartment building get a road awaking call. a burglar caught outside their windows in the middle of the night. he was first spotted on the
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in the scaffolding. >> i heard footsteps going across scaffolding and up and down the fire escapes. >> i heard them saying, you come down. we're on the way with a helicopter. >> reporter: police arrested 51- year-old clemetine lewis. so what happens in the bedroom could actually help you appear. they find that sexually active people over 50 have more robust brains. men score higher on memory tests and executive functions which include planning, solving problems, and paying attention. as for women, well, there's an increase in memory skills. researchers warn this is just a correlation, not a cause and effect. the study was conducted at the
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the leading actor in "blue bloods" is now helping with the real nypd. >> real, lasting connections with the people we serve. >> reporter: it highlights recent changes in the department. he says it was his small thanks to the nypd and for the officers that stick their necks out for every single day. >> his voice is so recognizable. and soothing! >> and comforting! >> i like it! i like his voice! i like lonnie, too! [ laughter ] what we're talk about is a little snow we had today and possibly seeing more this weekend. and is it just about time to be dusting our hands of the winter stuff? well, let's check on the temperatures. i will tell you i think the long-range forecast the next two weeks looks pretty good. temperatures right now hovering upper 20s, lower 30s. i have a 29 right here in scotch plains. this is fenwood, new jersey. paul, welcome to the show! thank you for that reading.
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29. but, eh, couple clicks warmer at 34 degrees. it's been a cold day all day long. a clearing sky right now. the local be a good looking morning. i think more clouds will come in through your day tomorrow. high temp was 39 degrees. your low was 30. okay. 39 degrees and that 30 for the morning low. both of those are below average. you're below average by 7 degrees in the high category. going to be an okay weekend with average temperatures. lower to mid-40s for most folks. few makes possible out there late saturday into early sunday. nothing major. looking at the computer models. this is the most aggressive model i could find. maybe 2/10, maybe 3/10 of an inch of snow? oh, the least aggressive saying zeros for a lot of folks. maybe 1/10 an inch for a lot of folks. this front pushes through wisconsin. right now moving into michigan. we don't see much of it. but you'll see some of it happen.
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there's your snow chance coming through for the weekend. and maybe a little activity. not much of anything. what should you be suspecting? yep, a chance of weekend snow. sleeping in saturday night, sunday morning. not much. you want to look at wednesday, a possible record setter. 42, saturday. 46 on sunday. again, a couple flurries possible out there. especially early sunday. up. 55. you're above average there. tuesday, 64. wednesday, 69. if you hit 69, you'll tie the record for that date. >> okay! >> and the next two weeks after that look pretty good. >> yes! >> thank you, lonnie! >> yes! love it. steve? the rangers without the king tonight. and they were facing the top team in the nhl. >> also, the knicks game came down to a final shot from carmelo anthony.
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ask your heart doctor about entresto. and help make tomorrow possible. you're only a day away. now, your jeeps sports desk. >> and steve is in for otis.
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one out tonight. >> and he started a little bit of a conversation on what happens when a goalie is hit. it's not like he's another player where he can go to the bench and clear his head. he needs a timeout. when the refs didn't give him a timeout, he flipped the net over. he was hurt. he missed tonight's game because of neck spasms. 18 points in the standings. so new york takes the first swipe. they jump out to a 2-nothing lead. caps would fight back. they tied it at 2. but derrick stephan committed a capital offense. 17 seconds into the final period, the rangers taking down the capitals in d.c.! 3-2. devils trying to catch the stars on a bad time. the devils trying to creep back into the playoff picture. but score reije schneider has given up about 3 goals per game over his last 6 games.
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victory. a couple weeks ago, the knicks were in the playoff conversation. but they will be missing the playoffs for the third straight year. in boston taking on the celtics. and new york actually had a comfortable lead into the 4th until their sloppiness allowed boston to come back from 8 to make it a game. celtics have one of the stingiest defenses in the league. caramel low with the knicks much found a loophole. they retake the lead with 21 seconds left. so the ball goes back to melo. a chance for the win! that was not a game-winning shot. the knicks fall short, 105-104. well, it's been a rough season for the nets. tonight, though, they played their heart out. down 2 in the final seconds. he's fouled! right now, we're tied at 112 with 3 seconds left in the 4th quarter!
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mets game. and a gold medalist stopped by to educate us on why the path
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welcome back. and our condolences go out to the family of shannon ford, a long-time member of the mets pr staff. she lost her battle to cancer tonight at the age of 44. she's survived by her two kids and her husband, john. to the game. mets and marlins. the addition of walker and cabrera has made wilson herera the forgotten man here. he has enough speed to leg out an inside the park home run which he does now. they tied at 4 -- tied at 4. mickey cabrera connected on
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the olympics most prestigious gymnastic event take place tomorrow. gabby douglas, including others, will be completing and carly patterson. she came by the studio to talk about the importance of this event in landing a spot on the olympic team. >> there are so many competitions that, like i said, you want to keep building confidence in that selection committee. you want them to have that trust in you. and you want them to know without asia doe of a doubt you belong on the team and they can trust you. so it is a lot of pressure next five months. >> such an inspirational young figure and still on the speaking circuit, if you will. >> uh-huh. >> 10 years -- 12 years, actually, since she won the gold. we'll be talking with her a little more tomorrow on sports desk. >> and how young they are to keep that composure! >> i know!
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>> we'll be right back. iterguane.wel ri wn omedanseupoudeceto urewi-.swchowndet00egspdspl tanphe rju $.9a ntonneswcho tt. it tfi. thanks so much for joining us tonight! >> coming up next is "the late
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